Theater-based Training

“What is clearly understood can be clearly expressed”

Nicolas Boileau


Public Speaking (in-company and external)

  • Gain a competitive advantage by mastering performance skills
  • Develop presence and charisma as a speaker through emotional and body language
  • Improvisation techniques to deal smoothly with the unexpected

Managing Conflict and Difficult Relationships (in-company and external)

  • Resolving tense situations with acumen and assertiveness
  • Understanding and giving up negative attitudes that generate tension
  • Deal with situations by defusing them and reverting to calm communication

Managing Stress & Emotions (in-company and external)

  • Gaining the tools to anticipate and deal with stressful situations
  • Changing your own perceptions: taking a helicopter view, de-dramatizing, keeping your perspective
  • Practicing constructive behavior that soothes and calms

Public Speaking (in-company and external)

  • Developing ease and style in public speaking (managing stress, breathing, mastering the voice, expressiveness and body language)
  • How to command an audience

Time Management & Prioritizing

  • Lack of time: Causes/Consequences/Different kinds of tools to plan ahead and react
  • Assessing degrees of urgency and learning to say “No”

Managing Appraisals

  • Master the behavioral techniques for successfully managing these crucial occasions: uncovering the real self (of manager or employee) through games (roleplay, interactive real-life scenarios, simulated appraisal meetings).

Letting Go

  • Daring to take initiatives with a positive attitude to develop your potential and your interpersonal skills
  • Developing boldness/courage to move out of your comfort zone

Working Synergistically/Team Building (with or without Company Video)

  • Using games of improvisation to transmit tools for communicating, listening and improving interpersonal relationships, in order to build a collaborative dialogue
  • Option: Creative production/collective challenge: Produce a Company Video devised, written and acted by your employees
  • This course can also be run as an incentive trip to New York or Morocco

Change Management

  • Gaining awareness of the manager’s role in facilitating change
  • Creating a climate of trust to overcome resistance/remove barriers

Posture and Attitude of the Manager

  • Leading a team with dynamism and impact by offering meaningful management, using the behavioral techniques of an actor
  • Carrying out one’s duties with courage and compassion: gaining awareness of one’s personal authority over and above one’s professional authority

Sales Negotiation

  • Developing a natural sales manner and building trust as a negotiator
  • Learning and practicing adopting a confident, convincing sales manner
  • Avoiding the pitfalls of customer relations
  • Persuading/Closing the deal

Média Training

  • Expressing oneself effectively and staying on-message when addressing the media
  • Controlling the interview, not being sidetracked or cut short
  • Expressing oneself clearly and succinctly using engaging imagery, staying calm, controlling one’s delivery and emotions, understanding and evaluating one’s interlocutor’s objectives

Training Trainers

  • Learning to alternate one’s own expression with active listening when working with groups, to improve interactivity among participants
  • Learning to establish and run a training activity from start to finish


  • Establishing constructive dialog
  • Saying “No” in a productive way, when necessary
  • Asserting oneself without disrespecting the other

Personal Coaching

  • Individual personalized sessions taking account of the participant’s personality, profile, professional context, and specific objectives and expectations
  • Initial 12-hour module advised, i.e. 4 x 3-hour sessions
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