About us

Our teams have used the wealth of learning opportunities afforded by theater to train key members of staff in leading companies since 1989. We work closely with our client partners, setting clear and appropriate professional learning objectives and ensuring our workshops deliver what we promise.

présentation art théâtral

We will help your team improve their verbal communication, management ability and professional effectiveness through the art of theater and the improvisational techniques used by actors: voice training, body language, managing emotions, personalized exercises followed by a debrief, working with the imagination and with one’s physical presence, etc.

Our Selves are our tools: we work with who and what we are.

Our twenty-strong team of actor-trainers is made up of enthusiastic professionals with a passion for this work. With their broad theatrical, training and workshop experience, they create an easy atmosphere characterized by trust and humor, where participants enjoy learning new skills and picking up tips.

  • The onstage space shakes up our internal space – in a positive way
  • “Form is substance, rising to the surface”
    Victor Hugo
  • 80% practice + 20% theory for maximum impact
  • Your team will work on the stage of a real theater
  • We are both the instrument and the player