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Our 2021 schedule of external training sessions in Paris, Lyon and La Réunion.

Theater is…

A formidable teaching tool to uncover everyone’s potential, giving you the chance to try out on stage the skills taught by actors during the course…

« Acting is a catalyst for training in all its forms – being in action changes how we look at things… » 

Antoine VITEZ

No. 1 in Ile-de-France in teaching “Public Speaking”:

External training: a record 50 sessions a year!
In-house training: across the whole of France and Europe in 5 languages.

prise de parole en public

Use theater techniques to build skills in:

  • Public Speaking
  • Managing Stress & Emotions
  • Managing Conflict/Difficult Situations
  • Managing Teams
  • Sales Negotiation
  • Media Training
  • Team Building
  • Public Speaking
  • Assertiveness
  • Intercultural Management
  • Running Annual Appraisals
  • Training Trainers
  • Developing self-confidence
  • Voice Training
  • Knowing How to Say No
  • Customer Relations
  • Hospitality
  • Managing Appraisals
  • Leadership