Corporate Film

A corporate film is a great way to convey your company’s image. It can be used by HR for recruitment, as a training tool, or as an original and effective way of communicating internally or externally.

You could also make a film for your HR department:

A film about your company – not about what you do, but about who you are. Interviews with members of staff could be mixed with features and descriptions of each person’s job/role within the company:

  • Show how everyone plays an important part in achieving a common goal
  • Demonstrate the value of every single job, no matter how humble
  • Help everyone understand the issues faced by colleagues, to encourage better communication/dialogue
  • A fun way of showcasing the company as a whole and how it works, for clients/suppliers/new recruits, etc.
  • The film can be broadcast in-house, on intranet/internet, and distributed to staff.

Turn your employees into actors who portray your corporate values and model your company’s good practice.

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